Executive Skills Development Course Managing Change and Conflict


"Ukraine-Europe" launches a business development program in the sphere of international education.

Target audience: Chief Executives, Upper Management, Entrepreneurs, and Executives.

This session will focus on two significant forces (Change and Conflict), both which can seriously damage the planning, strategy and success of any business. These two forces occur with predictable regularity. The course will analyze the reasons for and impacts of change and conflict, and will help the successful executive to develop the essential skills need to effectively control and manage both dangerous forces.


Anticipating and Managing Change

All businesses encounter change, and if a business is not ready for change, planning and strategy can easily be rendered useless and with devastating results. In some instances, businesses elect to change as a strategy but fail to anticipate the disruption that occurs by virtue of change. This segment will discuss principles and methods for anticipating change and for responding strategically to changes in the business environment. This segment will also address state-of-the-art methods for managing the change and minimizing disruption that typically occurs following changes either in the business environment or by corporate strategy.


Advanced Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills

Conflicts regularly arise in business and the impact of conflict can also be devastating. Conflicts can occur in any business relationship, including relationships with employees, vendors, customers, business units and subsidiaries, governments and regulators, competitors, and others. This segment will focus on the ways that conflict arise, the causes of conflict, and the methods available to minimize, control and successfully resolve conflict. The course will consider formal and informal approaches to conflict resolution including techniques for mediation, arbitration, negotiation, persuasion and litigation in an international environment. The segment will include negotiation exercises and fundamental concepts of game theory. Approaches to conflict avoidance and prevention will also be considered.



Ronald R. Galloway, Ph.D. (leadership and human behavior). Member of Rotary International, Paul Harris Fellow award – Rotary International – 2001. Board of Directors, Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Acting Director, MBA Program, Northwest Nazarene University (Idaho, USA).






William J. Russel, Ph.D. (philosophy), MBA, Associate Professor of Business Law and Ethics. Associate Dean for Strategic Development, Director of MBA Program (2004-2007) of Northwest Nazarene University (Idaho, USA). Director Boise Center, Member of Board of Directors of Boise Chamber of Commerce, Vice Chairperson for Strategic Planning






The course was taught in 56 countries in such companies as:

AES Energy Company (Kazakhstan), Church of the Nazarene (USА), Association of Collegiate Business Schools & Programs (USA), Association of Risk and Insurance Managers (Great Britain), Barbados Ministry of Education (Barbados), Canadian Risk & Insurance Managers Society (Canada), The University System of Puerto Rico (Puerto-Rico), PetroFina S.A (Belgium), Mueller Europe S.A. (France), Lockheed Martin (USA), Birmingham Steel Company (USA).


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