Consecutive interpretation

Ukraine-Europe offers consecutive interpreration services.

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Consecutive interpretation is oral interpretation with pauses when an interpreter at first hears the source language phrase and then interprets it into the target language. This is a usual type of interpretation which is widely used at business negotiations, exhibitions, banquets, excursions and other official and non-official events when there is a need to interpret a dialogue.

Such type of interpretation is very effective when negotiations have a mobile character with a lot of traveling involved like working at industrial enterprises, negotiations with further sightseeing, etc.

Apart from the language and subject field knowledge as well as the ability to perceive a foreign language, the consecutive interpretation requires self-control, self-confidence to perform in front of the audience, the right-pitched voice, pronunciation, tact, pleasant appearance and other communicative and personal qualities and skills.

Ukraine-Europe is led by these standards, thus providing professional consecutive interpretation of all levels of complexity.

Events which normally require consecutive interpretation:

  • business negotiations;
  • telephone negotiations;
  • seminars, meetings, round tables;
  • briefings, press-conferences;
  • presentations, exhibitions, celebrations;
  • equipment installation and adjustment with the aid of foreign specialists;
  • excursions for foreign guests, delegation escort;
  • film or commercials dubbing.


  • special equipment is not required, which increases mobility;
  • can be performed on the move (at presentations, by delegation escort, in industrial setting);
  • participants have more time to think questions over;
  • the price is lower than the price of simultaneous interpretation;
  • one qualified interpreter is enough in comparison with simultaneous interpretation where two specialists need to be involved.


  • because of pauses, the event lasts longer.
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