Translation requires thorough knowledge of the subject field and significant background knowledge as well as literacy in the native language. That is why Ukraine-Europe is guided by the following principles.

The indispensable condition of our work is getting advice from specialists in the sphere and agreeing terminology with the customer. We also offer creation of terminology glossary for your company that will ease your work with international documents and materials in the future.

  • The final version of the translation is proofread by our editors and correctors, which guarantees quality.
  • Ukraine-Europe translators can make the translation in short term keeping high quality standards.

Confidentiality of your information is guaranteed.


Other services:

- document certification by the stamp of the Ukraine-Europe Linguistic Centre

- notarization (the notary officer certifies the authenticity of the translator`s signature, and the document can be further transmitted to certification).


Rates for 1 page of translation (1860 symbols with blanks)


Price (UAH)



German, Spanish, Italian  


Check, Slovak, Polish, Serbian, Croatian, Lithuanian


Rumanian, Moldovan, Bulgarian 


French, Dutch, Portuguese, Hungarian


Hebrew, Yiddish, Turkish


Georgian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh


Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi


Swedish, Finnish, Greek




Russian, proof-reading, text editing 


Proof-reading by a native speaker

from 280


Terms of translation

up to 5 pages

1 day

5 - 25 pages

2-5 days

26 pages and more

upon agreement


We translate for the following spheres:

  • business;
  • economy;
  • finance, banking, audit;
  • law;
  • insurance;
  • technology;
  • telecommunications;
  • web-sites;
  • medicine;
  • pharmacy;
  • geology; 
  • ecology;
  • science;
  • education;
  • archives; 
  • tourism;
  • advertisement;
  • cinema;
  • sport;
  • cosmetology;
  • culinary, restaurant business, food industry;
  • private documents.

Special terms for corporate clients:

  • discounts for large volume orders
  • signing a corporate agreement with a fixed discount rate  

Order and delivery

You can order translation in the way which is most convenient for you:

  • through the Internet by filling in the relevant application
  • sending the text by mail to

The translation is printed out, and the electronic version is always available.

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