Simultaneous interpretation



Ukraine-Europe offers simultaneous interpretation performed with the help of special equipment.

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Simultaneous interpretation is oral interpretation without pauses when the interpreter speaks simultaneously with the speaker with a delay of no more than several seconds.


Simultaneous interpreters work in pairs or in groups in shifts of 15-30 minutes. Simultaneous interpretation is normally required at events with a great number of participants:

  • conferences;
  • seminars;
  • presentations which are being held in conference-halls or in lecture rooms.



  • the speech of the orator is not interrupted, which allows him to hold the audience`s attention, feel the mood and reaction of listeners;
  • the event length is reduced by 2 times, which increases the volume and quality of the information flow. Knowledge of language is common today. For this reason, many participants prefer to hear reports in the original, and the listener is distracted when the speaker stops for the audience to hear the translation as it happens during consecutive interpretation;
  • the opportunity to interpret into several languages simultaneously;
  • the prestige of the event is increased.




  • the price of simultaneous interpretation is significantly higher compared with consecutive interpretation;
  • the necessity to engage 2-3 simultaneous interpreters which are equally competent in the subject area;
  • the loss of information is higher. 
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