Prof. Miram`s Training Course



Ukraine-Europe Linguistic Centre invites you to join an intensive workshop on professional interpretation.

The course is delivered by the author of numerous books on translation theory and practice (including Profession - Translator (in Russian), Transfers (in Russian) and Basic Translation) Professor Guennadi Miram.

The course is intended to raise professional awareness of students in the issues of basic interpretation and translation approaches, interpreters’ devices and tools, interpreters’ ethics, communication aspects of interpretation, interpretation audiences, training and preparation methods, professional interpreters’ basic vocabulary, interpretation psychology and stress factors.

The course starts on February 14, 2015. Course duration – 16 classroom hours. Course completion is formally certified. 


Classes are held on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00.

Course price – 2,700 UAH. 10 % discount is offered to Ukraine-Europe School of Translation graduates.

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