Interpreting Euro-2012 Workshop


Dear All,

Now that Euro-2012 is dangerously close, it`s time for interpreters to check how ready they are for the challenge.

Ukraine-Europe invites you all for an intensive workshop "Interpreting at Euro-2012" aimed at working out the skills needed to feel professionally comfortable at the event. Soccer terminology in three languages (English, Ukrainian and Russian) as well as related issues will be covered in a most interactive way, including watching soccer games fragments.

Dates: April 7/21 (Part 1) and April 8/22 (Part 2).

Time: 10:00 - 12:00.

Venue: Ukraine-Europe Linguistic Centre conference room.

Lecturer: Tania Konokh.

Participation fee (to be paid in advance): 200 UAH per person per session.

For registration and all inquiries, please contact Tania Sukhonos at


Let us love soccer professionally!


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