Simultaneous Interpretation Course


You`ve been doing consecutive interpretation for several years and are a little bored with it. Why not try simultaneous?

Our simultaneous interpretation training course is what you need. It is intended for those who already have a good command of English, who know the basics of translator`s profession, but lack specific acquirements of the trade.

Among other subjects the course will cover:

  • linguistic aspects of simultaneous interpretation;
  • psychophysiology of simultaneous interpretation;
  • phonetics in simultaneous interpretation;
  • simultaneous interpretation technique and devices;
  • simultaneous interpretation ‘success story`;
  • simultaneous interpretation difficulties and barriers;
  • typical mistakes of simultaneous interpreters;
  • specifics of English-Ukrainian / Russian language pair;
  • specific features of simultaneous interpretation at technical, scientific, and political conferences and seminars, round table talks, presentations, press-conferences, etc.

Theoretical lecturing is minimal – the key of the course is training based on special CD-supported system of testing and training exercises, a sequence of simultaneous interpreters` training and testing procedures, finalized by a game simulating real simultaneous interpretation environment.


The training is based on the following manuals:

  • Мирам Г.Э., Иванова С.В., Амплеев П.В. Курс синхронного перевода (англо-русская языковая пара). – К.: Ника-центр, 2007.
  • Мирам Г.Э., Дайнеко В.В., Иванова С.В., Амплеев П.В. Тренинг-курс по синхронному переводу. – К.: Арий, 2010.

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