Understanding English Workshop


Dear All,

Ukraine-Europe Linguistic Centre is happy to invite you for a six-session language course with native American English speaker, Dr. Marshall K. Christensen, that will cover distinctive words and phrases in politics and business, sports and religion, law and military and will help you explore the cultural implications and meaning of words and phrases.

Informal dialogue will be especially beneficial for translators and teachers who are interested in understanding English communication in its cultural context.

Each session will be interactive. We think you will have fun while building your vocabulary and awareness of nuances in meaning.

Dr. Marshall Christensen has dedicated his career to higher education and helping students prepare for life. He holds a Ph.D. from the Univesity of Oregon and he was a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. He worked for 15 years as the president of Warner Pacific College in Portland, Oregon. He is a professor of history and the international provost for the Kazakh-American Free University in Kazakhstan.

Dates: November 19 (Law);
November 20 (Business and Politics - two sessions);
November 26 (Military);
November 27 (Sports and Religion - two sessions).


Law: This seminar will cover legal terminology related to the Constitution of the United States, law enforcement, and courts and trials. 

Business: This seminar will include words related to labor and management, stock exchanges, corporations, investments, as well as the distinctions between economic, social and spiritual capital.

Politics: This seminar will help define terms that are at the heart of the American political party system, elections and governance. 

Military: This seminar will review words that cross over into common language and literature, including military terms, the composition of the American armed forces, and military rank.

Sport: This seminar introduces words that demonstrate how athletic competition at the amateur and professional levels is part of life in America.

Religion: This seminar will explore words and concepts that define the ways that religion permeates American thought and culture. 


Starting time: 11 am.

Participation fee: 100 UAH per person per session. You can enrol for the whole course (6 sessions) for a flat fee of just 500 UAH per person.

Advance payment is expected.

For all details, please contact Tania Sukhonos at http://ukr-europe.com/en/contacts.

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