Juan Miramar`s Novel



Dear friends!


Are pleased to announce that Juan Miramar`s (Prof. Miram`s) novel The Mercenary is already out. Feel free to contact Ukraine-Europe office or the author directly .


It was a vague, "cursed" time. The Great Empire (the USSR) collapsed with a crash. And each part started its independent life. The characters in The Mercenary found themselved in a strange world whose extreme conditions reveal everybody`s true self. Some people, for the sake of a trivial gain, do not hesitate to go for theft or murder. Others, full of romantic and patriotic feelings, conceive and execute a coup d`etat in a distant African country ... In this controversial exotic environment, a mercenary - a military translator and unrecognized writer Miramar - rushes, or rather, wanders in circles, bumping into still more and more adventures, deaths, losses and disappointments ...


The Echo of a Foreign War impresses not only with the exciting and dynamic plot, but also with the amazing prophetic talent of the author, who literally predicted the tragic events in Egypt in early 2011.

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